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About us

We are a contact center based in the US with operations in Monterrey and Aguascalientes.


To bring high-quality bilingual communication to our customers.

We care about the service we provide, that’s why we’re continuously developing our leaders and employees for success in the workplace.


To become the most reliable and competitive contact center.

We strive for long-lasting relationships with our team members, partners and clients. We want to be the place you feel good about.

Directions Monterrey

Monterrey Office

Blvd. Diaz Ordaz 3102
Col. Santa Maria, Monterrey N.L. 64650

81 8665 2934

Bus transportation routes to Centris MTY

  • 118 Ruta marker
  • 126 Ruta marker
  • 128 Ruta marker
  • 220 Ruta marker
  • 400
    (1 and 2)
    Ruta marker

Directions Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes Office

Prol. Av. Las Américas 1701 Int. D-50.
Fracc. El Dorado

449 384 4322

Bus transportation routes to Centris AGS

  • 5 Ruta marker
  • 6 Ruta marker
  • 8 Ruta marker
  • 46 Ruta marker
  • 38 Ruta marker